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About the Eagle's Nest Spaceflight & Aviation Center

ENA’s computer lab has undergone major modification and upgrading since the beginning of the 2015-16 school year to be transformed into a state of the art, 21st century Mission Control Center which also includes a fully interactive flight simulator in partnership with the Apogee 2020 Youth Education Program.

This state of the art technology center will be the focus of a number of student led real-time simulated manned and unmanned spaceflight missions to earths atmosphere and to the surface of Earth’s Moon. In addition to mission control and spaceflight simulator technologies being implemented in 2016, the Eagle’s Nest Spaceflight and Aviation Center features a continually upgraded aircraft simulator where ENA Scholars will be learn how to fly aircraft from light planes such as the Cessna Skylane to commercial jet aircraft such as the Boeing 787 jumbo jet. Eagle’s Nest Academy has invested over $1,000 into the initial purchase of technology necessary to make this available to all ENA Scholars, with more improvements and upgrades to be added in 2016.

Eagle’s Nest Academy is proud to have Michigan’s first and only 100% fully interactive youth mission control and aviation center, where students can explore Earth and the solar system.

Launch Schedule

No upcoming launches have been scheduled at this time. Please check back for updates to the launch schedule.

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